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December 4, 2004
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Erase my memory, let me forget
Our dream I deeply regret.
I think of you, fall to the ground,
Knowing I lost the love we found.
Itís all my fault, I know thatís true,
Iím to blame for what happened to you.
Itís not a punishment, setting me free
Our dream wasnít meant to be.
I was happy with you, happy we met,
But now itís just one big regret.
If you ever loved me, set me free
From the nightmare that came to be.
Please. You know itís better this way,
Letting our memories fade away.
We were doomed from the start,
So from the pain let us part.
Itíll be better if we forget,
Better if weíd never met.
He is right, I now know,
So please just let me go.
Iím sorry, never meant to
Cause so much pain for you.
I couldnít protect you, and I see,
We were never meant to be.
Iím sorry it ended this way,
But please take it away.


Donít worry, itíll be okay
After I take your memory away.
I am going to set you free,
Youíll no longer think of me.
Thanks for the past youíll forget,
Unlike you, I have no regret.
I hope that with this release,
Youíll find that desired peace.


So he was right all along,
In your life I donít belong.
I made everything fall,
Iím so sorry for it all.


She forgot it all, forgot our dreams,
And sheís happier now it seems.
I erased the memories we shared,
So from her pain sheíd be spared.
Keeping them wouldíve been worse,
For she could never break the curse.
Lost her memories. It grew cold and bare,
For Iím the snow without spring there.
I froze our memories to keep them with me,
The nightmare from which I set her free.
The snow reminds me of things before,
Memories we donít share anymore.
I blame myself for everything,
For Iím the winter and she's my spring.
Fanfic (I guess) of the tragic love story between Hatori and Kana in Fruits Basket. bleh.

Since people want to know the tragic love story here it is...

Past Scars: Like a few others in the zodiac, Hatori has a dim, tragic romantic past. For a short time he was in love with a young woman named Kana, who returned his love and opened his heart, but like most zodiac members he was stripped of the chance for love. Because of his past, Hatori has shut his heart off from most people to keep the memories frozen in place. He is not cold and heartless as some may believe from his first appearance. Rather, he has the ability to be warm and caring, compassionate and understanding... he just doesn't like showing those sides of himself to avoid getting closer to the people he loves.

Plot: Kana is Hatori's main romantic interest, though it is a past love. Though from the same family, these two didn't really know each other until they met. Kana was assigned to Hatori's office as an intern for part of her medical college education (or that's what the anime seems to suggest).
Kana likes Hatori from the start of their relationship - she tells him that all her friends warned her he'd be handsome and she manages to make him smile on their first meeting. As time passes, they begin to date and see each other more, but as Kana tells us later, Hatori won't hold her or get too close. Inevitably, she does crash into him and he transforms, but like Tohru she doesn't hate him after discovering the secret. She tells him she's happy she knows him and she understands why he won't get too close to her now, but that he doesn't need to be afraid of her and she's happy to be able to love him. Her reaction to his zodiac form isn't what he expected, and Hatori actually cries tears of joy. After that, they spent some time being perfectly happy together, falling in love.

Hatori and Kana had plans to get married, but upon sharing these plans with Akito, everything stopped. Akito fell into a rage, wounded Hatori's eye with a vase, and then blamed Kana for what had happened, yelling that it was her fault Hatori was hurt and she should have never come into the Sohma's lives because she didn't understand. Kana took his cruel words to heart and began blaming herself for Hatori's pain, to the point that her grief consumed her and Akito gave the order to have her memory erased. By Hatori's hand, the one person he truly loved lost all her memories of what she had shared with him, and he cried again, this time out of sadness.

In the end, Kana forgot her relationship with Hatori, and her internship ended abruptly. When she leaves his life, she seems happy, her grief forgotten, but Hatori vows to himself that he will never love again in order to hold onto the eternal springtime he and Kana shared. In his own words (and Akito's), he became the frozen snow and would never forget his love for Kana.

Another brief description: Kana was Hatori's assistant. Since Hatori was always busy with paperwork, Kana was the oe to initiate te relationship by sneaking him presents. She asks him 'What comes after the snow melts' and she says the correct answer is 'spring' after that,they fell in love become engaged. She knows of and accepts Hatori's transformation; instead of being repulsed, she worries whether a seahorse goes in salt of fresh water. However, after tell Akito of their intentions, Hatori is blinded in his left eye by a fragment of vase Akito breaks and Kana blames herself. Hatori erases her memory to ease her pain, and she eventually marries someone else

Image © [link]
Description © [link]
Title © *crim-chan
Concept © Fruits Basket anime
Poem © Me
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Sarahsl Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just about to cry! :'( but it was very beautiful :heart:
sleepykarie91 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
made me cry... inside. this was what i needed. Thank you for writing this.
Eliannee Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
This is beautiful!
alexia090 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
I love this poem. Hatori is like my fav character out of Fruba.
ResurrectedVampire69 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008
that is such a good poem, it's so sad though, and the picture is cute. too bad akito was being a bitch
wind-of-summer Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2008
this made me cry....!!!!
You made me cry....
This is so sad, yet cute.
Great poem.
Phantom-meta-knights Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love love love
crim-chan Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:cries: OMFG. I'm so happy I got to read this before you even posted it. This is so frikken awesome. :cries: Ah! Hatori! Kana! Soo sad. :sniffle: You did a lovely job. Nicely put together. Fruits Basket ownz our souls. :tears: :cling:
littlepoet321 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004   Writer
:cling: thank you for reading the many many many many many revisions of the poem. thanks a lot for that. i'm so happy that you like it, especially you since you know the story line and everything and got me into it and whatnot... i haven't written anything about a certain thing like a book, movie.. in such a long time. the last thing i did like this was for The Scarlet Letter.. for that project. yea why the hell did i just bring that up? lol :giggle: oh well. i know it's so sad, but i'm compelled to watch the story over and over and over. thanks again.. i'm really happy you're pleased with it.. i feel special, like i accomplished something. that it does, that it does. this is stupid: what i found strange was that you guys said I was like Hatori, and I didn't know that, well didn't remember that when I saw the episode over and over again.. i was drawn to the story of Kana and Hatori.. and I'm like Hatori, also Kana.. replace the K lol.. told you that was stupid, but it was odd.... :heart: glad you like it!!!!! :wow:

should i submit it to Impressions?
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